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Configuring SSL with Load Balancer

The topic of how to properly configure SSL for web resources behind network load balancer keeps coming up in many recent projects and it seems to be a source of some confusion. In this blog I will try to summarize key points which should be considered when configuring SSL for resources behind network load balancer.

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Checklist for Successful IAM Implementation

A lot of companies who are considering solving IAM issues, immediately start looking at the product to purchase ignoring what is really required for solution to work and deliver required results.

I guess this approach is not really that different from how a lot of companies acquire technology products, but IAM issues are far more dependant on the existing environment and processes as compared to other typical technology solutions.

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Implementing SAML in the enterprise. Part 1, Web SSO

We at Clarionics were recently involved in a few significant implementations of IAM technologies where the main requirement was to provide integration with existing enterprise security services like user authentication and authorization.

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